Digital Media Artist
unzi, KIM born in South Korea in 1960.
He has lives in Paris during 15 years and currently works in Seoul, Korea.
He is a Professor in Art & Technology of Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film 
at Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

프랑스로 도불(85년)하여 회화를 비롯한 여러 장르를 경험하면서 멀티미디어아트로 파리국립미술학교와 CNAM을 졸업하였다.  
2009인천국제디지털 아트 페스티벌의 총감독을 비롯하여, 다양한 미디어아트 및 영상 전시 기획자이며, 또한 18회의 개인전과 30여개의 공연예술에 참가하여 영상감독과 총감독을 하였다. 
중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원의 예술공학 교수로 재직하면서 학술상(2006), 연구상(2010)을 수상하였으며, 과학기술부에서 수여하는 2009 과학문화상 (융합문화 부문)을 수상하였다. 
2013년에는 연구원들과 함께 Ars Electronica에서 “The Half”라는 작품으로 디지털 음악과 인터렉션 분야에 선정되었다.
He entered the physics department of the Yonsei University School of Science in 1960 and worked as a photo journalist for Yonsei University. While doing so he fell in love with photography, literature and art, and went to France (1985). (He entered the Painting Department of the National High School of Art in Paris (1986) and graduated with multimedia arts (DNSAP 1991). At the same time as his graduation, he held "Ombre & son" an installation of acoustic video in the underground exhibition room of the Paris National School of Art in a solo exhibition sponsored by the school (1991). As a starter in painting, deparmentation, abstract, lyrical abstract, conceptual art, light art, kinetic art, sound art, and video art, he has devoted himself to the artist's activities in France. He has participated in group exhibition at arts centers, such as Asian avant-garde held at the Christie Auction exhibition, starting with the exhibition of Montjuic Salon, worked as a resident of the Arsenal joint pine tree. He has also been named one of the young promising artists in Figaro (1996, Le Figaro). "Mono-logue", Media Installation Solo Exhibition (97) was held at the BaekSang Art Museum, which gave young artists a chance to turn their attention to media work. He held a solo exhibition of "Media Day" (99) at the Ganaboburg Gallery, behind the Pompidou Center in Paris. In 1998, when he was involved in Kinetic video installation and 3D video art, he entered the Armeetian National Industrial School, Computer Science and Information Technology Graduate School and received his doctoral degree DEA (2001) as a major in Multimedia Application Concept (CAM). In 2009, he received Ph.D in media art from Soongsil University.
He returned to Korea in 2000 and worked as a resident writer for two years at Uni-dong Samsung Atelier. He held his solo exhibition "Réalité virtuelle" at Sungkok Art Museum and participated in a group exhibition including Media City, and held solo exhibitions such as  "Soul and Soul" (2001), "Métissage" (2005), "I'm the Light" (2008) "(2010)" One Pixel Life "(2011). He curated 2010 SBS Concert Park Fountain, 2011 Gyeongju Cultural Expo Tower and Projection Mapping, and also worked as the director of the Incheon International Digital Art Festival 2009, as well as a diverse media art and image exhibition planner, worked as a video director and general director while participated in more than 20 performing arts. He was awarded Academy Award (2006), the Research Award (2010) and won the 2009 Science and Culture Prize (fusion culture division) awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology . As a digital interactive media artist, he is currently engaged in creative activities such as exhibitions, performances, digital environment modeling, and total arts, as well as fostering postgraduate studies.

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